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Return Me Share the Love

  • ID Code will be needed to begin activation
  • Customer service to those with questions

Nobody likes the feeling they get in the pit of their stomach after realizing a valued possession may be lost for good.  It’s a good thing people can now protect themselves from this uncomfortable feeling thanks to Return Me.  Return Me users who are looking to activate a recovery tag can begin the process by going to the Return Me Share the Love page and entering an ID Code.  Once the ID Code has been entered, users will need to select an item from the drop down box and then enter a brief item description.  After all of the required information has been entered at the Return Me Share the Love page, users will need to hit the Continue button to move forward with the recovery tag activation process.

So what exactly is this Return Me thing anyways?

  • Return Me places security tags on customer possessions so they can easily be returned by the person who stumbles upon the item
  • The service is highly effective as more than 80% of items protected by Return Me get back to their owners within 24 hours of being lost
  • Return Me will contact the finder of the item on behalf of its customers and arrange for an item’s return from anywhere in the world
  • Protection offered by Return Me continues throughout the life of the item (if a tag breaks or fades the old tag will be replaced at no charge)

Customers cannot use time as an excuse to forgo activation at the Return Me Share the Love page as the whole process only takes 30 seconds (it is also necessary for agent contact on a lost item).  Those who are having problems with the activation process can contact Return Me directly by phone for assistance.

Return Me Phone Numbers

  • USA & Canada Customers – 888-255-3369
  • Australia Customers – 800-548-946



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