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Renew Golf Magazine Subscription Online

  • You’ll need to login to start the renewal process
  • The systems provides 3 different login options
  • Frequently Asked Questions are available
  • Customer service can also help with questions
It’s time to renew!

We all know that golf can be frustration sometimes (or MOST of the time for some of us!).  However, that doesn’t mean renewing Golf Magazine has to be.  For example, you can now easily renew your subscription online after logging into your online account.  In order to do so just type in your name, address, and country.  Once you’ve enter your information go ahead and click the Login Now button to proceed.

More About Your Golf Magazine Subscription

  • Prevent interruptions of delivery by knowing your subscription’s expiration date
  • The expiration date of your subscription is located on the label above your name
  • Keep in mind that your subscription payments may take up to 2 weeks to process
  • You can also receive access to a Golf Magazine digital edition (online version)
  • Cancellation can be done anytime by contacting Golf Magazine customer service

In addition to logging with your name and address, there are 2 alternative login methods you can use to renew your subscription. The first of which only requires that you enter your email address and zip code (this may be the easiest overall).  Meanwhile, the last login method requires that you enter your last name and account number (this may be the most tedious because who knows their account number off the top of their head??).

By the way, you can learn more about your subscription by clicking the Frequently Asked Questions link posted at the left hand side of the renewal page.  Additionally, you can also contact customer service toll-free for further assistance.

Questions about how to renew Golf Magazine?

  • PO Box 3200, Harlan, IA 51593-0046
  • 800-876-7726

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