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Regis Connect 

  • Employees can login to access their accounts with a Regis ID and password
  • New user activation and password retrieval options are available

Employees of Regis Salons that need to manage their accounts can gain access online directly through the Regis Connect page.  To complete the login process employees will need to enter their unique Regis ID and password in the provided fields and hit the Login button. Regis employees that have do not have online account access can complete the activation process at the Regis Connect page by entering their first name, last name, and date of birth (in the mmdd format).  Registered employees that have forgotten their passwords can enter their Regis ID to prompt a series of questions that can be answered to regain the forgotten password (only the user would know the answer to the prompted questions).  When signing in to Regis Connect it is important for employees to understand that they must report all hours according to the Timeclock Policy.

Some Pertinent Information For Regis Connect Users to Remember When Reporting Their Time

  • Employees must clock in as soon as they show up to work at the start of their work shift
  • Clocking out must come at the end of the scheduled shift and only after employees have finished all functions and duties assigned by their manager
  • Meetings and education seminars sponsored by Regis Salons are events that call for an employee clock in
  • Employees must stay clocked in for short breaks 15 minutes or less and no employee should perform a salon duty if not logged in
  • Only Salon Managers and or other designated time clock editors can make time clock entries for another employee
  • Overtime must be clocked but can only be worked after the approval of a Salon Manager, District Leader, or Senior District Leader
  • The only time employees should clock out is during lunch breaks of at least 30 minutes or when leaving the salon for an extended period

Individuals that need to get in touch with Regis Salons can complete an online contact form or call 877-857-2070.




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