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PTC Fast Reg 1

  • Entry Code found on the school letter must be entered to begin
  • Support services are available via email for those with questions
  • Helpful updates and improvements have recently been added

With all of the hustle and bustle that often goes hand in hand with living a modern lifestyle, scheduling a parent-teacher conference can be a logistical nightmare (for both the teacher and the parents).  Luckily modern lifestyles are assisted by modern technology.  Parents who face the daunting task of meeting with their child’s teacher can now sign up for a parent-teacher conference online with PTC Fast.  To get registered for a conference, parents will need to go to the PTC Fast Reg 1 page and type in the Entry code found on the letter they received from their child’s school.  Once the code has been entered users can get started with the quick and phone call free process of setting up the forthcoming parent-teacher conference.

Recent Updates Regarding PTC Fast

  • Appointments can now be made up to (and including) the actual day of the conference (those who want to schedule for the day of will need to use the Same Day option)
  • Schedules can now be printed under the Manage section (this feature helps in situations where parents make the blunder of showing up to the office without knowing their schedule)
  • Up to 30 email addresses can now be added for “Designated Colleagues” who will have access to submitted schedules (this can be done in the Reports/Deadlines section)

PTC Fast users should make note that it is now possible to “unlaunch” conferences with upcoming appointments (doing so will, however, have an effect on parent communications). Users who have new (and hopefully exciting) ideas can email their suggestions to PTC Fast support.

PTC Fast Support Email Address




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