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PS Vue Roku

  • Roku owners can activate PlayStation Vue services online
  • A free trial offer of PlayStation Vue is available

As technology advances many consumers are ditching their cable or satellite plans and running into the waiting arms of the nearest streaming service to get their television fix. Those who have made it official with PlayStation Vue should be excited to learn that the service is now available on all Roku streaming devices.  Roku owners who are looking to get started with a PlayStation Vue plan can go to the PS Vue Roku page for step by step instructions on how to activate their device.  Users will want to make sure they have a stable internet connect when activating a device as they may be prompted to sign in with their PSN ID during the activation process.

Pondering the Available PlayStation Vue Plans

  • Access Slim – The most basic of the PlayStation Vue plans is available for just $29.99 a month and includes over 55 channels for viewing pleasure
  • Core Slim – After taking a step up to the Core Slim plan customers will receive over 70 channels including all access and sports networks
  • Elite Slim – The plan with all the bells and whistles can be had for $44.99 a month and comes with over 100 channels including move and entertainment networks
  • It is important to note that channels and pricing may vary by zip code and plan (live streaming for select networks may vary by location as well)

Roku owners that would like to get their feet wet before taking the plunge can follow the link posted at the PS VUE Roku page to begin service with a free trial.  Those who are impressed with the service to the extent they wish to join the PlayStation team can send job opportunity inquiries to 2207 Bridgepointe Pkwy, San Mateo, CA 94404.



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