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Poke VS

  • Players can search for Pokemon in an area by clicking on the map
  • Area can be entered by entering a zip code or using device location

Many Pokemon Go tracker maps have come and gone but few have been more user friendly than Poke VS.  To begin using this stripped down tracking tool players will first need to enter their current location (location can be by entering an address or allowing Poke VS to use the devices location).  Once a location has been set the tool will begin scanning for nearby Pokemon.  Pokemon that have been found will appear on the map along with the amount of time remaining on each.  Players can scan a new place in a surrounding area by simply clicking the desired location to set the Poke VS marker.

Common Pokemon Likely to Appear on the Poke VS Map

  • Eevee – A gentle looking guy with big eyes and a bushy tail who runs around on 4 legs and thrives at running away and adaptability
  • Geodude – One ugly sucker with rock like features who is quite weak when it comes to fighting
  • Bellsprout – A weird plant creature with a flimsy frame and circular mouth (can evolve into Weepinbell)
  • Caterpie – A wormy little dude with weaknesses in flying, rock, and fire (evolves into a Metapod)
  • Machop – One cool customer with the appearance of an upright lizard who can evolve into a Machoke
  • Diglett – A mole creature who loves the ground but isn’t all that fond of ice, grass, and water (can evolve into a Dugtrio)

Players who would like to change their view of the Poke VS map can use the + and – buttons at the bottom left of the page to zoom in and out of an area.  Those who wish to scroll up or down on the map with can utilize the arrow located at the bottom right corner.


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