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  • Pokemon Go players can use locator to find nearby Pokemon
  • Pokemon can be revealed with search bar and scan features

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm leaving players in need of a quick and simple way to find nearby Pokemon.  It appears players have found a solution to this problem with the Pokevision locator.   Players on the hunt for their next Pokemon can use the online locator by entering a location in the search bar.  Once the location is entered nearby Pokemon will appear on the search map showing the name of each Pokemon along with the amount of time left until they despawn.  Players can also search for Pokemon by clicking anywhere on the Pokevision map to place a location marker.  After the marker is placed players can press scan to reveal all Pokemon in the area.

Prime Tidbits of Information About Pokevision

  • Pokemon that spawn due to incense or lure are only visible to players and will not be visible on the map
  • The Pokevision scan can be completed in any area serviced by Pokemon Go and takes anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds depending on the density of the area
  • Pokemon that show up on the locator map are in real-time and actually at the location (rarer Pokemon have a shorter appearance time)
  • At peak hours of the day Pokemon Go servers become overloaded which also affects the API used by Pokevision causing results to slow down
  • The map tiles and geocoding services used by the locator are provided by a software company called ESRI

Players who would like to show their support for the Pokevision locator can make a donation through PayPal (link provided on the tracking page).  Those who want updates, news, and support can follow Pokevision on Facebook or Twitter.  Users with suggestions, feedback, or questions can send an email to




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