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  • List of rare Pokemon is shown
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Catching the occasional Bellsprout is cool and all but nothing compares to the excitement of stumbling upon an elusive rare Pokemon.  Pokemon Go players who are tired of chasing the more common Pokemon will be happy to learn more about PokeSnipers.  This online locator allows players to get a leg up on the competition by tracking only the rarest of Pokemon .  To take advantage of the application, players will need to go to the PokeSnipers page and pull up the list of rare Pokemon (list shows Pokemon in order of status time from soonest to furthest off).  Underneath the name of the Pokemon (and to the right of the Pokemon picture) players will see its posted location coordinates.  When players are ready to roll they will need to click the Snipe Me! button to continue.

Some Rare Pokemon to be on the Lookout For

  • Lapras – A slimy looking sea creature whose toughness at being found is only rivaled by the toughness of its shell
  • Snorlax – A soft and lovable looking Pokemon with a huge belly that doesn’t make it any easier to find
  • Grimer – The name says it all.  Maybe players should be happy this puddle of sludge is hard locate
  • Wigglytuff – A cute little guy with an egg-like appearance and limbs
  • Slowbro –  A Pokemon that stands on two legs and sports a blank-eyed stare
  • Aerodactyl – It’s no surprise a creature that looks straight out of the Jurassic age is a hard find

Users of PokeSniper can take their fandom to a new level by following the application on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Discord links are posted).  Those wishing to contact PokeSnipers directly can make use of the online email form that requires a name, email address, and message.



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