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Poke Huntr

  • Players can use online map to locate nearby Pokemon
  • Nearby gyms will also be shown on online map

When on the prowl for the next Pokemon, it’s nice to have a simple and uncluttered way to find out which Pokemon are hiding nearby.  Pokemon Go players who use the Poke Huntr live online map may have found one of the most streamlined approaches yet.  First, users will need to enter their location in the search bar found on the left side of the Poke Huntr map. Once the location is entered, users will need to tap the Find Pokemon button to be taken to the desired area and shown where the nearby Pokemon are.  Patience is paramount as users will be required to wait in a queue before the Pokemon will be displayed.  Once the wait is up, Pokemon in the search area will be displayed along with any nearby gyms.  Pokemon will be labeled with names and disappear status while gyms will be labeled with team names and prestige rating.

Hold the phone.  What in the world is a Pokemon Go gym?

  • Gyms are broken into 3 teams: Mystic (labeled with the color blue), Valor (labeled with the color Red), and Instinct (labeled with the color yellow)
  • Players will need to gain some experience before stepping into a gym as a level 5 will need to be achieved before being able to join one of the 3 teams
  • Gray colored gyms are up for grabs as the gray label means that none of 3 teams have made a claim to occupy that particular gym
  • To take over a gym players will need to defeat all of its inhabitants (including a Pokemon boss) and lower its prestige to zero
  • Players can defend their gyms by placing up to 10 Pokemon inside (Pokemon that are placed in the gym will be locked there until they are kicked out)

In addition to the search bar, Poke Huntr map users can hone in on an area by allowing the application to use their device location data.  Users that wish to follow Poke Huntr on social media can do so by clicking the Facebook or Twitter icons located on the map.



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