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  • Users can find nearby Pokemon through use of tracker map
  • Search bar and search marker tool can be used to find Pokemon

In the competitive world of Pokemon Go, Pokemon hunters need every advantage they can get.  It’s a safe bet that Pokemon Go players who utilize the PokeGoFind tracker will be well on their way to “catching them all” in no time.  To use the online tracker, players will either need to enter their location in the search field or allow the tracker to utilize their device’s location data.  Once the area is determined PokeGoFind will show the location of nearby Pokemon along with their names and time remaining.  Players that don’t like what they’re seeing in a certain location can use the search marker tool to quickly jump to another surrounding area.  Those who are on the hunt for specific Pokemon can use the filter tool to get rid of unwanted Pokemon on the map.

Cool Features of the PokeGoFind Tracker

  • Notifications can be enabled for automatic re-scanning with updates every 10 seconds (updates are made within a 2 kilometer radius of the search marker)
  • Players can browse the tracker in historic view to see the last 7 days worth of Pokemon and get a better understanding of common spawn points
  • Users can hit the Scan Now button to see if any new Pokemon have appeared (cooldown timer is shown in the button)
  • The filer device can be clicked to show all of the Pokemon in a certain area (the filter can also be clicked to eliminate all Pokemon in an area)

Players wishing to use the PokeGoFind notifications will want to make sure they are using a web browser that can support them.  Once notifications have been enabled, players will be able to highlight specific Pokemon in order to receive notice when they appear on the map. Users who enjoy the tracker and wish to support the cause can make a BTC donation to PokeGoFind.



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