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  • Users can find out where Pokemon are located through use of map
  • Pokemon can be run through the Evolution Calendar to evaluate potential

The quest to catch as many Pokemon as possible isn’t always easy.  In fact, many players are looking to gain every available edge in order to make their quest easier.  One edge many players are turning to is PokeFind.  Through this online locator, players can increase the effectiveness of their search through use of a tracking map that shows the location of surrounding Pokemon.  Pokemon go players that use the PokeFind map can hit the Press to Refresh button to get an updated view of where the Pokemon are lurking (users will only be able to refresh the map once every 60 seconds).

How to Use the PokeFind Evolution Calculator

  • Users will first need to select the name of the Pokemon they wish to calculate (Pokemon name can be selected through use of a drop down list)
  • After a Pokemon is selected users will need to enter its Combat Power in the provided field before hitting the Estimate button
  • Once the Estimate button is clicked users will be shown the evolution results (shows a Pokemon’s Minimum Combat Power, Average Combat Power, and Maximum Combat Power)
  • Users should note that the Evolution Calculator is not exact and only shows estimates for an evolved Pokemon’s Combat Power

PokeFind users looking for a specific Pokemon can search by Pokemon type before going to the map.  Once the type is selected, the corresponding Pokemon will be shown along with statistics on how many have been spotted in the last hour.  Users that want to see if a specific Pokemon is in their area will need to hit the View Map button (posted under the desired Pokemon).



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