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  • Players can review characteristics of individual Pokemon
  • Pokemon can be sorted by 3 different egg types

To be a successful Pokemon Go player it takes self-reliance, hard work, and even luck.  Having access to an online tool that provides statistics on available Pokemon is a nice asset to have as well.  Players who desire access to this type of tool should get online and go to the POGOBASE page.  Once at the page users will be able to search by entering the name or number of a Pokemon in the blank field provided.  Players who would rather browse can simply scroll down to view a list of all available Pokemon.  After finding the desired Pokemon, users can click on the name to find out more about what makes the Pokemon unique.

Information that Can be Gleaned Through the Use of POGOBASE

  • The stamina of each Pokemon will be shown along with their defense type (stamina is marked using a 5 star scale)
  • Players will see an easy to understand visual scale that shows how a Pokemon ranks on Max CP, Max HP, Attack, and Defense
  • Straight forward statistics are provided such as Catch Rate percentage, Fleet Rate percentage, Egg type, and Rarity
  • Much can be learned about how a Pokemon will fair in battle by viewing effective attack and defense types (not so effective attack and defense types are also shown)

Players advanced enough to be concerned about what may hatch from an egg can sort Pokemon by egg type after clicking the Egg Chart link.  When conducting a search using this method, players will see available Pokemon under the 2.0 km, 5.0 km, and 10.0 km egg types. Users who have suggestions or wish to provide feedback are encouraged to contact POGOBASE by email (link to email address provided at the bottom of the application).



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