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Pluto TV Activate

  • Account login is required to begin activation
  • New users can sign up for an online account
  • Password recovery assistance is provided

Those who have finally discovered the many hours of media streaming that are now available at Pluto TV will need to complete one last step prior to receiving the viewing experience they truly deserve:  account activation.  To get this done and out of the way (ALWAYS a nice feeling!), it will be necessary to navigate to the Pluto TV Activate page and login to an account with an email address and password.  Those who are also on social media (isn’t just about everyone nowadays??) can complete the login process using Facebook account login information as an alternative.  Once an email address and password have been entered the Login button can be tapped to proceed forward into an account to finish off the activation process.  Those who have yet to even sign up for an account (no use trying to complete the activation process if not) can begin the registration process at the Pluto TV Activate page by entering an email address and password before clicking the Sign Up button.

What is Pluto TV?

  • Pluto TV is a FREE online television service that broadcasts over 75 live TV channels
  • Compatible with Roku TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, AND Fire TV (bases covered)
  • Content can be viewed using smart televisions from Vizio, Sony, and Samsung (quality items!)
  • Pluto can be used with desktop and mobile apps (both internationally and the United States)

Users who are locked out of an account (frustrating place to be but luckily it can be fixed) due to a forgotten password can begin the reset process by clicking the Forgot Password link posted beneath the login fields at the Pluto TV Activate page.  After clicking the link an email address must be entered in order to finish resetting the password.  After logging in and completing the activation process users can also edit channels, manage their remote, and edit their account settings.  Those who encounter a glitch or bug while using Pluto TV can submit a report via email to make Pluto aware of the issue (hard to fix the problem if it’s not reported!).

Email Address to Submit Bug Report




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