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  • Claims can be filed online using Contract Number
  • Customer service is available for those in need of assistance

Being stuck in a situation that calls for a home warranty claim to be filed can be a stressful position to be in.  Consumers who find themselves in this position should at the very least deserve a stress free filing process.  Those who have chosen to go with Cross Country Home Services for their warranty or plan should find the claim filing process incredibly easy.  To get started, customers will need to go to the Place My Claim page and enter a Contract Number and property zip code before hitting the Place Your Claim button.  Those who do not have their Contract Number can still gain access by entering the primary account holder’s last name, the house number, and the property zip code.

What else should I know before I place my claim?

  • Customers who have an item that is not cost-effective to repair will either receive a replacement item or a cash payment (the cash payment will be equal to or less than the approved cost of repair or replacement)
  • When deciding whether to repair or replace an item Cross Country Home Services may take into consideration the average life expectancy of the item (it may make more sense to replace those nearing the end of their span)
  • There is a standard service fee/deductible applied per trade per service call made for the covered portion of all claims (further details are explained in the warranty contract)

Customers who need to make a property address change or follow up on a previously filed claim should call the number provided on their fulfillment kit.  Those who prefer to communicate electronically can utilize the contact form available at the Place My Claim page.

Customer Service

  • 877-880-1634


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