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Pidgey Calc

  • Players can use calculator to determine the best use of a Lucky Egg
  • Pokemon Can be transferred and stats can be reset to default

Most seasoned Pokemon Go players understand that the fastest way to level up is by mass evolving their entire stock of Pokemon with a coveted Lucky Egg (an item that provides double XP for 30 minutes).  What many players DO NOT understand is the best way to determine how to go about using a Lucky Egg.  This is where Pidgey Calc comes into play. This informative online application can be operated by entering the amount of each Pokemon a player has in stock.  Once the quantity of Pokemon has been entered, users will need to enter the amount of Candies associated with each and hit the Calculate! button to view the results.

A Few Side Notes for Pidgey Calc Users to Keep in Mind

  • The amount of seconds per evolution can be changed by clicking on the Settings button (seconds per evolution can be changed using the up and down arrows or manually)
  • Pokemon names, quantities, and number of Candies can be entered into Pidgey Calc in 4 different languages (English, French, German, and Japanese)
  • To add more Pokemon to the equation users will need to select the name of the desired Pokemon from the drop down list and click the green + button
  • After a calculation has been made Pidgey Calc will save the data automatically allowing users to pick up right where they left off at the last use

A Pokemon that has already been evolved can easily be transferred by checking the box located under the names of the Pokemon.  Players wishing to start from scratch can clear Pidgey Calc by hitting the Reset button (all fields will go back to their default settings).



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