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Peet’s Peet’s Card

  • Customers can login to check balance or reload card
  • New customers can register their Peet’s Card online
  • Customer support is available at toll-free number

With the undisputed worldwide popularity of coffee it comes as no shock that gift cards which can be used to purchase the stimulant are increasingly hot items.  Those who are lucky enough to have received a Peet’s Card can manage an account online by going to the Peet’s Peet’s Card page.  Once at the account management page, cardholders will have the options of registering a new card, checking a card balance, and reloading new funds onto an existing card.  Cardholders who want to find out how much they have left on a card can do so by entering a card number and PIN number (PIN number is found on the back of the card under the scratch off foil).  Those who want to add funds can reload a card by clicking the Reload Peet’s Card button.  Cardholders who plan on keeping the card in use may want to consider the “auto reload” option that provides a 5% bonus for any auto-reload amount  over $25.

What else do I need to know about the Peet’s Card?

  • The card can be used online, over the phone, or at any Peet’s store (except at licensed locations such as at groceries stores, airports, hotels, etc.)
  • Those who have set up auto-reloads can expect the process to take place at 1:00 AM PST the day after the balance reaches the set minimum
  • Cardholders that register their Peet’s Card online will be able to receive a replacement card if the original one gets lost, stolen, or damaged
  • Those who purchase a card online will receive a physical card in the mail (Peet’s will use its usual bulk shipper for orders requiring a parcel)

New cardholders who have yet to register online can do so by filling out a form that requires a name, email address, password, and zip code (optional).  When registering the card the option of signing up to receive email notice of special offers, new locations, exclusive coffees and teas, and in-store events will be available.  Those who need assistance with checking a balance, reloading a card, or the registration process can call Peet’s customer service Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time.

Peet’s Customer Service

  • 800-999-2132


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