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PCH Sweeps To Enter To Win

  • Enter the PCH I.D. Number (found within the mailing PCH Act Now promotion offer received) and click the SUBMIT to enter the often imitated never duplicated Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes
  • Win $5000 a week for life

In addition to entering the PCH Sweeps To Enter To Win promotion the contestants can also choose to receive promotional offers and information abount special contests and and their partners (this is only optional and not required and those who opt in do not increase their odds of winning the Publishers Clearing House promotion).  Please note the PCH Sweeps To Enter to Win promotion is open to all legal residents of the US who are 13 years of age or older and have Internet connection.

PCH Act Now PC 306 W 71 Notice

  • No purchase is required to enter
  • Operated by the Publishers Clearing House (aka PCH) who are a direct marketing company)

PHC Footnotes

  • Private firm founded in 1953
  • Have been a target of more than one lawsuit over the years*
  • Notorious for advertising around the Super Bowl

*In 1994 a lawsuit was filed in 14 states against Publishers Clearing House in relation to PCH sending mailings to recipients informing them they were all “finalists”‘

*In 2000, another $18 million settlement was reached with 24 states, after the company sent mass mailings that said “You are a winner!” and used mock personalized checks

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