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PBS Activate

  • Viewers can activate a device by entering a code
  • A variety content is made available for viewing

It has been known for many years that PBS is the place to go for an educational viewing experience.  What many viewers may not have known is that PBS content can now be streamed anytime with the help of a preferred device.  Viewers who are looking to get started will need grab their activation code and go directly to the PBS Activate page.  Those who are having trouble finding the activation code need only to take a quick glance at their device’s screen where it will be generated.  Once the activate code has been found viewers will need to enter it into the field provided on the PBS Activate page and hit the Continue button.

PBS Content Available for Viewing Pleasure

  • Space Time – Take a journey to the outer reaches of the universe as host Matt O’Dowd explains both the basic and more complex sides of space
  • Masterpiece – The longest running prime time drama on American television began bringing the best literature-based drama to viewers in 1971
  • This Old House – There are many pretenders but only one original home-improvement show
  • Nova – This informative series has been doing its part to educate viewers on scientific subject matter for decades
  • POV – This thought-provoking series is television’s longest-running showcase for independent non-fiction film and has aired over 275 documentaries to PBS viewers across the country
  • Frontline –  Nothing is off the table for this series that explores modern critical issues such as war, politics, business, and health

Viewers who would like to ask questions or provide feedback on the PBS Activate page or other station related issues can send a letter over to Public Broadcasting Service, 2100 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202.  Those who would prefer to contact PBS over the phone can call 703-739-5000.





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