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PayPal Credit

  • Gain online account access to both PayPal and credit line accounts
  • Users that have not already done so can link their PayPal account to their line of credit

Why pay right this instant when I can pay later?  That is a question that passes through the mind of most consumers at some point or another.  Those that have a hard time finding a decent answer to that specific question will likely want to take advantage of PayPal Credit. Right now PayPal customers can apply for a PayPal Credit account to receive no interest on purchases of $99 or more as long as the purchase is paid for in full within 6 months.  It is important to note that interest will be charged from the purchase posting date if the balance is not paid in full within the promotional period.  Once the PayPal Credit account is approved customers will enjoy the convenience of being able to pay with the credit line at checkout (after the PayPal account is linked to the line of credit).

A Closer Look Just to Make Sure PayPal Credit Isn’t Too Good to be True

  • PayPal Credit is a line of credit held by Comenity Capital Bank that gives customers the flexibility to pay for purchases now or over time
  • The line of credit can be used on purchases at a number of stores including online purchases at eBay
  • When making a purchase users will need to provide their date of birth then enter the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number
  • Customers will receive monthly statements that can be paid from either a PayPal balance or bank account
  • Credit lines start out at a minimum of $250 and have no annual fees
  • Customers that have purchases that exceed the amount of their credit limits will be evaluated for a credit increase based on credit and customer history

After selecting the payment method, PayPal Credit customers will need to answer 2 questions and accept the terms of use before an approval can be granted.  Once a purchase is made customers will want to check their email for a statement.

PayPal Credit Contact

  • Payment Address – P.O. Box 105658, Atlanta, GA 30348-5658
  • Customer Support Phone – 1-866-528-3733



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