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Pay My Fine Online

  • A city must be selected to begin payment
  • Frequently Asked Questions list is provided
  • Number for payment service provider available

Most would agree the only good thing about a fine is the act of GETTING RID OF IT.  Those who have been directed to the Pay My Fine Online portal can now wipe their hands clean of the burden once and for all by using the easy online payment process.  In order to begin, the city to which the fine is being paid must first be selected (Hattiesburg, Johnson city, Long Beach, Mason, or Mount Juliet).  After selecting the city it will be necessary to acknowledge general information about online payments and processing fees before proceeding with the payment process.  Those with questions may want to consider reviewing the information found under the FAQ link posted at the top right hand side of the Pay My Fine Online portal (don’t worry it’s not one of those 100 question long FAQs that cause more confusion than value).

Loud and clear.  Anything else I need to know before I rid myself of this fine?

  • Those who did NOT receive a payment confirmation should call the court directly to confirm
  • Citation numbers are needed to look up tickets in the portal (no plate or driver licenses #s)
  • The portal can only accept the total amount (no partial payments or payment plans – DARN!)
  • Types of fines that can be paid with the portal include parking tickets and moving violations
  • Payments must be paid using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX – sorry Discover!!)

Those without one of the 3 major credit cards that can be used to make a payment at the Pay My fine Online portal should refer to the back of their ticket for alternative payment options.  Questions that still exist after reviewing the handy little FAQ list can be addressed by filling out an online contact form with a name, email address, and message (the EASY way).  Those who would rather get help over the phone can try calling for further assistance (the slightly less easy but likely faster way).

Support Number

  • 866-828-8777


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