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A Quick Guide to Your Payment-Card 

  • A username and password are needed to login
  • New users can complete registration process
  • Customer support services are available

A payment card doesn’t instill much confidence in cardholders who have no idea how much funds they have available.  Those who have payment cards serviced by Prepaid Technologies can stand tall and walk with bravado knowing the exact amount of purchase power they hold thanks to the easy online account information access provided at the Payment-Card page.  To access an account, cardholders will need to login with a username and password.  Those who have not yet signed up for online account access can begin the registration process by clicking the Need a Login? link and entering a card number.  Cardholders who are having problems recalling their login credentials (both username or password) can click the Forgot Your Login? link to begin the account recovery process (see below sample image).

A Quick Overview of Prepaid Technologies

  • Prepaid Technologies was founded in 1998 out of Birmingham, Alabama by banking industry professionals
  • The company is comprised of experts in the field of electronic payments with more than 50 years of experience
  • Prepaid Technologies focuses on payment solutions and has a reputation as a successful and trusted provider
  • The company offers Visa and MasterCard programs that are FDIC insured and meet all applicable regulations
  • Prepaid Technologies provides stored value cards that are packaged and marketed as many diverse products

Those who own a Gift or Reward Card that begins with 492428, 407298, 535326, 477526 or 445423 should refer to Card-Support link provided at the Payment-Card page to access their gift card account information.  Cardholders who need to activate a card, report a card lost or stolen, review account activity, or load funds can do so by phone by calling the toll-free customer support number.  Payments, transaction disputes, or general correspondence can be mailed directly to the Cardholder Services PO Box.

Payment-Card Contact Information

  • PO Box 551209, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33355
  • 888-621-1397


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