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  • Enrollment number is needed to register
  • One time payment method is available
  • FAQs provided to help answer questions

By now most consumers know the only good bill is a PAID bill.  Those who concur, and who also happen to be in receipt of a billing statement directing them to the DataMax WebView portal, can make sure the bill gets paid with no fuss in a matter of minutes.  New users who have no previous experience with the portal can begin the registration process by going to the Pay ICC page and entering an Account Number and zip code.  Users should make sure they have their Enrollment Number (found on the billing statement) and email address ready as both will be needed during registration.  Those who have already signed up at the Pay ICC page can access an existing account by entering their credentials into the blank fields and hitting the Log In button.

A Detailed Look at WebView

  • Once enrolled users can make online payments to an account as well as access payment history and prior statements
  • Detailed instructions on how to enroll for the portal can be found on the latest billing statement (no charge to enroll)
  • WebView users should enjoy saving money on postage costs and time by having their payment records available online
  • Acceptable forms of payment that can be used at WebView include all major credit cards as well as checking accounts
  • Users will receive an instant response to confirm if a payment has been approved (confirmation email will also be sent)

Those who do not plan on using the portal more than once can pay without enrolling by going to the Pay ICC page and clicking the One-Time Payment button (account number and zip code will still be needed).  Those who have questions may want to try browsing the extensive FAQs list posted to the WebView portal.



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