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Passport Starbucks

  • Login to explore coffees, collect stamps, and record tastings
  • Users can complete the login process with Facebook or Google

Starbucks enthusiasts can now enhance their sipping experience by accessing the Coffee Passport through the Passport Starbucks page.  Users that would like to login before starting the coffee exploration can do so by using a Facebook or Google account.  Coffee nerds should enjoy the ability to save their favorites coffees and learn about the many different brews that Starbucks has to offer.  In addition, the Passport Starbucks page allows users to filter by roast, coffee, body, and region.

Some of the More Enchanting Coffees Starbucks Has to Offer

  • Christmas Blend – A dark and full-bodied bold coffee sure to get drinkers in the Christmas spirit with cedary and spicy layers
  • Breakfast Blend – A light and refreshing brew to satisfy the tastes of the less extreme coffee drinker
  • Espresso Roast – Extremely bold with an intense caramel taste to provide the extra boost needed for early mornings
  • House Blend – A well-balanced medium roast filled with the flavor of nuts and cocoa
  • Sumatra Longberry – An Asian region delight that offers flavors of citrus, chocolate, and herbs
  • Pike Place Roast – A Starbucks staple from the Latin America growing region that is balanced, smooth, and rich
  • Komodo Dragon Blend – Nothing to fear from this dragon that provides the unique herbal flavors expected from an Asia-Pacific region coffee
  • Gold Coast Blend – This stout and refined brew is grown multi-regionally and provides a full body flavor with low acidity

Starbucks Corporation is a worldwide retailer of specialty coffee that offers additional products at its stores such as tea, pastries, juices, bottled water, and breakfast sandwiches. The company has over 23,000 cafes and was founded in 1985 in Seattle, Washington.  To reach Starbucks consumers can write to 2401 Utah Avenue South Seattle, WA 98134 or call 206-447-1575.


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