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Park Smart Denver

  • Parking or traffic tickets can be paid online
  • The ticket dispute process can be initiated
  • Tickets can be paid by phone with credit card

It’s never a good time to receive a traffic or parking ticket.  Denver drivers who agree can get the ticket out of sight and out of mind in just a few easy steps at the Park Smart Denver page. To begin the online ticket payment process, users will first need to specify between a parking or traffic ticket payment.  The process for paying parking tickets can be started by clicking the Pay a Parking Ticket link and entering a Citation Number.  When finalizing the online payment users will need to have one the acceptable credit cards available (Discover, MasterCard, Visa).  Those who need to pay a traffic ticket can click the Pay a Traffic Ticket link to be redirected to the Denver County Court website where online payment can take place.

Disputing a Ticket at Park Smart Denver 

  • Those who use Park Smart Denver to dispute a ticket are limited to 1 dispute at a time
  • Users can upload 3 documents for review to help with the decision-making process
  • A Citation Number must be entered at the Smart Park Denver page to begin the dispute
  • The Back button on browsers should not be used as doing so will start the process over

Those who are having problems finding a Citation Number can click the Where to Find link to pull up a sample image of a ticket that highlights exactly where it can be located.  Drivers who wish to pay by phone can do so with a Visa, Discover, or MasterCard by calling 866-280-9988.  Those who would rather make a payment the old-fashioned way can send correspondence directly to the Parking Violations Bureau.

Parking Violations Bureau

  • PO Box 46500, Denver, Colorado 80201-6500


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