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Pandora Listens CA Survey:  Let’s Roll!

  • The survey is available in both French and English
  • Customers can use the code from a receipt to begin
  • Survey participants will earn the offer from the receipt
Ready to give Pandora your opinion?

The indirect rewards a customers receives from providing feedback (improved service, better products, etc.) should be more than enough incentive to spare a few minutes to complete an online survey.  That having been said, being rewarded at the end of the opining process sure doesn’t hurt anything.  Those who agree with this assertion may be interested to learn that Pandora is now providing a special offer in exchange for participation the store’s online survey.  Customers can begin the Pandora Listens CA survey by selecting a language (the options of English and French are presented).  Once a language has been decided upon, the customer can then enter the 18 digit code from a Pandora purchase receipt along with the time of the visit before hitting the Start button to move on to the questions.

Interesting Tid Bits on Padora

  • Pandora provides employment to more than 23,000 people worldwide (not a small feat!)
  • The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ Copenhagen exchange (PNDORA)
  • Products are sold in over 100 countries spanning 6 different continents (WOW)
  • Pandora sells through over 7,800 points of sales (includes around 2,400 concept stores)
  • The company was established in 1982 and has headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark

Customers who are having a hard time finding the required information can try referring to the sample image of a Pandora receipt posted at the right hand side of the Pandora Listens CA survey (it should be pretty hard to miss as the image highlights and numbers both pieces information).  Additionally, customers can click the Privacy Policy link to review information about how the survey collects and uses information.  Customers with general questions for Pandora can call 888-556-9009 between the hours of 9 AM to 6 PM EST Monday through Saturday.

Pandora Corporate Offices

  • 5535 Eglington Avenue West, Unit 234
  • Toronto, Ontario, M9C5K5




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