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Ovation Brands Crave Connection

  • Register to become a member online at membership sign up page
  • Online form completion is necessary to complete to registration

Diners that frequent local hot spots such as Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, Home Town Buffet, and Country Buffet may be missing out on some serious privileges if they have not yet signed up to be an Ovation Brands Crave Connection member.  Once a member diners will receive deals, discounts, and special offers straight to their email inbox or smart phone.  Members that have signed up for the program may be pleasantly surprised to see that they have received a Welcome offer in their email inbox when they wake up the following morning.

Sounds great but how in the world do I sign up to become an Ovation Brands Crave Connection member?

  • Diners will need to enter their first name, last name, email address, date of birth, and zip code
  • After entering their personal information diners will need to confirm their favorite dining location
  • Next diners will need to check what kind of offers they find appealing (senior discount, family discount, group discount, military discount)
  • To wrap up the registration process diners will need to confirm whether or not they want to receive mobile offers and enter their mobile phone number

The Ovation Brands include a variety of buffet style restaurants that serve up delicious meals at affordable family friendly prices.  Unlike other buffets Ovation restaurants give diners dessert on the house. Seniors should find the Ovation buffets friendly on the wallet as they can receive great discount s when taking advantage of the Senior club Card program.  To reach the company’s Guest Relations department diners can pick up the phone and dial 800-871-0956.  Ovation Brands can be contacted through mail by writing to  120 Chula Vista, Hollywood Park, Texas 78232.


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