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  • A variety of resources are provided for to assist citizens in need of court-related information
  • Online e-Payment is available as a convenient way to pay owed funds in participating counties

Individuals that have business within the Oklahoma State Courts Network (OSCN) can now look to the OSCN page as a vital resource to assist with their court related issues.  One of the most convenient features found at the OSCN page is the list of all Oklahoma District Courts complete with hours of operation and contact information.  Users that have a pending case can utilize the Case Search feature by choosing the appropriate court and searching by case number, party name, traffic citation number, or lower court case number.  Users that aren’t quite sure what drove them to the OSCN page can reference the Quick Links section in search of further guidance.

What else can I accomplish through the OSCN page?

  • Users looking to get information on a recent decision can sort through new decisions by verifying the court (Supreme Court, Criminal Appeals, Civil Appeals) and time frame (30 days, 60 days, 90 days)
  • Individuals looking for a fresh start on an exciting new career can search openings for court-related jobs such as court reporters or case managers
  • Court records can be combed through by searching the OSCN dockets or by searching Non-OSCN counties
  • Users that need more information about one of the many court programs can access a program list that is linked with the needed information
  • Interested individuals that would like to stay current on any new developments happening within the OSCN can view the News section to satisfy their thirst for knowledge

Individuals that need to make a payment on a case or payment plan with an outstanding balance in selected District Courts of Oklahoma can do so online by accessing the OSCN e-Payments system. Those wishing to unload the burden of an owed debt should note that only counties that appear in the County drop-down list can accept e-Payments.  Anyone looking to make a payment online using the e-Payment system is subject to its  Terms & Conditions.


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