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OptumRx My Catamaran Rx

  • Members can gain account access by entering a User ID and password
  • Customer service is available for account or registration issues

When two health care organizations combine forces members can realize a multitude of benefits.  Sometimes however, the combination of companies can leave members scratching their heads in confusion.  Fortunately members that once held accounts with Catamaran can still gain easy online access to their health benefit information even after the combining of the companies.  To access an account, members will need to go to OptumRx My Catamaran Rx page and enter a User ID along with a password.  New members that have not used the service previously will need to complete online registration prior to gaining account access.

That’s a decent start but what else do I need to know about the OptumRx and Catamaran mash-up?

  • Members will be able to continue use of their old ID cards as the processing information pharmacies require to fill a prescription will not change
  • Benefits coverage and medication co-pays will not be effected as a result of the combination of OptumRx and Catamaran
  • Members who are on medications that require prior authorization will not need to repeat the process as all current authorizations will remain active until they expire
  • Those who previously relied medications being delivered to their homes will be able to continue that reliance as prescriptions will be filled through the same mail order pharmacies

Members who are having trouble accessing their accounts due to a forgotten User ID or password can access the appropriate recovery links posted on the OptumRx My Catamaran Rx page.  Those with questions regarding a plan can complete an online contact form or contact OptumRx directly by phone.

OptumRx Customer Service Numbers

  • 855-505-8107
  • 855-475-5088 (for individuals on Medicare)
  • 800-788-4863 (for issues with registration)




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