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Optum Health Payment Services

  • Providers or billing services can enroll for the service online
  • Register users can login with a User Name and password

The last thing any health care provider wants is a complicated or confusing payment system that causes delays on receiving payments for their services.  It is safe to say that providers who use Optum Health payment services can spend more time providing excellent medical care and less time fretting over when the next payment will arrive.  Those who have yet to enroll for Optum Electronic Payments and Statements can start the enrollment process by clicking the Enroll Now button and confirming whether they are a healthcare organization or a billing service.  Returning users can gain access to Optum Health payment services online by logging in with a User Name and password.  Those who can’t seem to conjure their User Name can enter their last name and email address to receive assistance.

A Quick Overview of Optum Health Payment Services

  • Enrollment in Optum Electronic Payments and Statements can speed up revenue cycles and decrease the amount of time it takes to identify patient responsibility and reconcile claims
  • The level of access to payment and claims information for each staff member can be restricted (allows for the restriction of sensitive banking information without slowing down processing)
  • Providers can choose between the payment methods of either ACH/direct deposit or Virtual Card Payment (payments received from ACHJ/direct deposit go directly into the providers bank account)
  • Providers that use the Virtual Card Payment method will be responsible for any any charges and related third-party fees (including interchange, merchant discount, or other card processing fees)

Optum Health payment services users who have gone ahead and forgotten (or straight up lost) their password can being the recovery process by entering their last name and User Name.  Users who have further questions about enrollment or access to the services can call the Optum support call center.

Optum Support Call Center

  • 877-620-6194 (available from 7 AM to 6 PM Central Time Monday through Friday)


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