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Optum Bank Wells Fargo

  • A checklist is provided to account holders affected by the transition
  • Comprehensive FAQ list and customer support number is available

To put it simply, Health Savings Accounts can be an easy way for plan members to save on medical costs.  What often is far from easy is the process customers must face as a result of their Health Savings Account transition to a new provider.  Account holders affected by the Health Savings Account sale between Optum Bank and Wells Fargo can simplify their lives by familiarizing themselves with the online check list provided at the Optum Bank Wells Fargo page.

A Few Takeaways from the Optum Bank Wells Fargo Home Savings Account Checklist

  • New Optum Health Savings Accounts will need to be registered online by entering a Social Security Number, date of birth, last name, and new Optum Bank debit card number
  • After the online registration has been completed account holders will need to sign in and designate a Health Savings Account beneficiary (can be completed under the Profile section)
  • The Optum Debit MasterCard will be sent to account holders by mail but should not be used until all funds are transferred to Optum Bank (customers should make sure they update the new card with their providers)
  • Online bill payment information that was previous set up with Wells Fargo will not transfer to new accounts (customers can click the Make a Payment link to reestablish the online bill payment feature)

Account holders who have questions about their new account can check out  the Frequently Asked Questions list provided at the Optum Bank Wells Fargo page.  Those who do not find the answers they crave can try calling the Wells Fargo Health Savings Account customer support line.

Wells Fargo Health Savings Account Customer Support Line

  • 844-326-7967


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