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Opt Out Prescreen

  • Individuals can opt out of credit and insurance offers
  • Permanent opt outs and 5 year opt outs are available
  • Requests can be completed online or by phone

For the right person a new credit or insurance offer can be exactly what the doctor ordered.  For others, however, these offers are often viewed as nothing more than another annoyance to be avoided.  Fortunately for the latter group of people there is a way to opt out of firm offer lists provided by Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion (Consumer Credit Reporting Companies).  To get started down the path of freedom from unwanted offers, consumers will need to go to the Opt Out Prescreen page and hit the Click Here to Opt-In or Opt-Out button.  After hitting the button consumers will need to choose between a permanent opt out by mail or an electronic opt out for 5 years. Once consumers have decided on the type of Opt Out Prescreen desired they will be prompted to enter their personal information and complete the request (15 minutes are allowed to complete).

This is EXACTLY what i have been looking for….what else should I know?

  • Anyone who wants to move “all in” and go for the permanent prescreen opt out  must confirm their request in writing by submitting a Permanent Opt Out Election Form
  • Those who have previously completed an Opt Out Request but have now changed their minds about receiving offers will need to complete an Opt-In Request form
  • Requests to opt out of firm credit and insurance offers become effective with the Consumer Credit Reporting Companies within 5 days of request submission
  • Opting-Out will not end all offers from local merchants, religious and charitable associations, professional and alumni associations, politicians, and companies

It should be noted that those who choose to Opt-In can can significantly benefit from having access to product information on both credit and insurance products that may not be available to the general public.  Those who would rather skip the Opt Out Prescreen page can choose to submit a request by phone.

Opt Out Prescreen Phone Requests

  • 888–567–8688



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