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Omni Card Cards Activate

  • Customers can log on to activate a Visa card, MasterCard, or Discover rewards card issued by OmniCard
  • To access the OmniCard web site, customers must be at least 18 years of age, and must be a legal resident of the United States
  • OmniCard rewards cards are commonly issued in relation to employee incentive programs (recognition and retention) and for customer rewards

To activate a Reward card from OmniCard, customers will need to enter the 16 digit code that appears on the front of their card, along with the three digit CVC code printed on the back. Once the card is activated, it will be available to use immediately.  Any questions in regards to the Omni Card activation process can be directed to the toll-free number found on the back of the card.  If a customer wants to continue to use their OmniCard rewards Visa or MasterCard, they can set up an online account that allows them to view their remaining balance, see recent transactions from their Omni account, and update their contact information at any time.

Omni Card Activate Footnotes

  • OmniCard offers many prepaid rewards cards that do have an expiration date
  • Once this date passes, the value of the card is considered lost. For prepaid reloadable cards from Omni, any balance remaining on the card will be issued to a new card
  • Questions about the card can be directed to a Omni customer service agent at 877-325-7014
  • All OmniCard prepaid MasterCards  and Discover cards are issued by CenterState Bank of Florida

More about OmniCard:

OmniCard offers corporations the best way to rewards their customer with prepaid debit cards, including custom company branded cards, reloadable debit cards, virtual cards, and more. Businesses who work with OmniCard can choose from thousands of merchants like Sephora, Texas Roadhouse, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble to send a virtual e-gift card along with a custom message.  Any questions via US mail for the Omni Corporate office can be mailed to: 495 Mansfield Ave.,  Pittsburgh, PA 15205.

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