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Old Chicago Register Card

  • Customers that have received an OC Rewards card can register online
  • Mobile OC Rewards registration is available as an alternative to card use

The typical rewards program can often provide a company with a decent uptick in customer engagement.  Rewards programs that give customers something for free right off the bat have the potential to drive customer engagement through the roof.  This is exactly what Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom is doing with the newly launched OC Rewards.  Right now when customers register for the program through the Old Chicago Register-Card page they will receive a FREE appetizer after their first visit.  The time it takes to complete the registration process is definitely worth a delicious appetizer as it can be completely just a couple of minutes through use of an easy online form.

Stockpiling Information on the OC Rewards Program

  • Once the Old Chicago register-card process is completed members will gain access to special events, promotions, birthday gifts, and other rewards
  • When paying for a bill members will need to pull out their OC Rewards card so that their purchases can go towards the accumulation of Reward Points
  • Every $1 spent will earn customers 1 Reward Point with 75 Reward Points being worth 5 OC Bucks
  • OC Bucks are dollar discounts that can be used to reduce the price purchases of both food and beverages
  • The OC Rewards card can be picked up at any participating Old Chicago Restaurant

Folks that have progressed in the realm of technology to the point where the thought of a plain old physical card bores them can opt to go mobile and skip the Old Chicago register-card process by registering for an account and downloading the OC Rewards app for Android or iPhone.  Those that have gone mobile will need to give their phone number to their server instead of the OC Rewards card.



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