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Netflix Payment Update

  • Users can rectify the account hold error by updating their payment method
  • Login will need to be completed in order to complete the payment update

The last thing Netflix customers want to see when attempting to watch their favorite show or move is an error message that reads “Your account is on hold because of a problem with your last payment.”  Customers that are unfortunate enough to see this message will need to stay calm, put their latest binge session on hold, and login to their accounts to make a Netflix payment update.  Once the method of payment is updated users will regain access to their accounts and can continue to binge on their favorite content.

Top Notch Television Shows That Can be Watched Once the Netflix Payment Update is Completed

  • Bloodline – The acclaimed hit is back for season 2 and loaded with suspense…will the Rayburns be able to hold it together?
  • House of Cards – Strap in for some fireworks as President Frank Underwood continues his quest for power
  • Narcos – Nothing wrong with watching the entire first season in one sitting in order to prepare for the forthcoming release of season 2
  • Trailer Park Boys – The boys are back with new episodes that are sure to provide plenty of laughs
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – A laugh out loud comedy following the life of a lady who was recently rescued from a strange cult

It is important for users to note that the “Your account is on hold because of a problem with your last payment” error message will be received either because the payment method on file is no longer valid or the credit card zip code listed on the Netflix account does not match the one listed with the account holder’s bank.  Users that are having problems completing the Netflix payment update should call their credit card company to make sure that their card is current.

Netflix Contact Number

  • 1-866-579-7172


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