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NCAA Activate Roku

  • Activate code will be needed to begin
  • NCAA can be followed on social media

With all of the non-stop action NCAA sports has to offer it’s no wonder that fans crave anytime and anywhere on demand access.  One of the easiest ways to have these cravings met is by activating a Roku device for NCAA content.  Fans who own a Roku device can begin the activation process by going to the NCAA Activate Roku page and entering the activation code shown on the television screen.  Once the code has been entered the Continue button can be clicked to move forward with the activation process.  Users should be aware that the television provider verification process is handled by the provider only as the NCAA does not access usernames, passwords, email addresses, or any other information about television provider accounts.

What about my privacy?

  • The NCAA receives information that is directly provided as well as information that is passively or automatically collected
  • Some examples of how the collected information may be used are user communication and technical support assistance
  • The NCAA may share information to service providers that have been engaged to perform business-related functions its behalf
  • To enhance the user online experience the NCAA and its Partners use cookies,web beacons, or other tracking technologies

Users who wish to review the full privacy statement can do so by clicking the link posted at the bottom right corner of the NCAA Activate Roku page.  Those who want to stay in touch with the NCAA on social media can access the appropriate links at the bottom left corner of the page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).  Individuals with questions for the NCAA can make contact by phone, mail, or fax.

National Collegiate Athletic Association Contact Information

  • 700 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46206-6222
  • PO Box 6222, Indianapolis, IN 46206-6222
  • Phone – 317-917-6222
  • Fax – 317-917-6888


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