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National Sale Price Settlement 

  • Claims can be filed online or through mail
  • Important deadlines apply to the settlement
  • Settlement Administrator can be contacted

The feeling of being hoodwinked doesn’t tend to sit well with the average consumer.  It appears that sometimes the feeling is even powerful enough to become the catalyst of a class action lawsuit.  The parties involved in Beck v. Harbor Freight have recently come to a settlement agreement to resolve claims that Harbor Freight used misleading advertising on certain sale items.  It should be noted that Harbor Freight believes the advertising in question was in compliance with the law.  Further, the court has made no decision in regards to the merits of the claims brought forth in the suit.  However, both parties have decided that settlement and resolution of the litigation is in their best interests.  Consumers who believe they may be eligible for compensation can review in-depth settlement information and file a claim by going directly to the National Sale Price Settlement page.

More Information on the National Sale Price Settlement 

  • The deadline by which eligible Class Members must submit their claims (either online or through the mail) is August 7th, 2017
  • Those who decide they want out of the settlement can opt to be excluded by sending a written request by the June 7th, 2017 deadline
  • Class Members who don’t like part of the settlement (but don’t want to be excluded) can file an objection by the deadline of June 7th, 2017
  • Those who file timely exclusions will retain their rights to sue but WILL NOT receive compensation from the National Sale Price Settlement

There are 3 different levels of compensation Class Members can submit claims for.  Class Members who can provide receipts or debit/credit card statements showing the transactions are eligible to file claims online.  Those who cannot provide proof of making a purchase can still file by signing a declaration and submitting it with the claim.  Class Members who submit a declaration must file through mail by sending the complete claim form directly to the National Sale Price Settlement Administrator.

National Sale Price Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 10351, Dublin, OH 43017-5551
  • 888-321-0482





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