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How do I update and rename my Beats?

  • Updater available for both Windows and Mac
  • Instructions available for those in need of help
  • Apple customer support is available by phone

These days the average consumer most likely understands that updates to products that utilize modern technology are necessary (if not slightly annoying) procedures.  The good news is, Beats appears to be taking the annoyance part out of the updating and renaming process with the convenient Name My Beats page.  Product owners who do not already have the updater app can download it through this easy to use page by clicking the provided links for the Windows or Mac download.  Those who already have the app installed will need to make sure it is running (or click the Launch The Updater button provided at the Name My Beats page).
Do your beats need a name?

Hot Products Being Offered by Beats

  • Beats Pro – A pair of high-end headphones with a solid interior sound platform that are capable enough to be by artists and producers in major studios
  • Beats EP – These on the ear headphones deliver masterfully tuned sound and are powered by fined-tuned acoustics for clarity, breadth, and balance
  • urBeats – These cutting edge earphones feature an ultra-flexible and tangle-free cable along with a built in mic for switching in between music and calls
  • Beats Pill – A portable speaker that providers up to 12 hours of battery life and is capable of charging phones and music devices with its extra power

Owners who are having difficulty connecting their Beats to a wireless product can click the Get Some Help link posted at the Name My Beats page for instructions on how to run the installer, install the software, and hook up the Beats.  Those who are having issues with a Beats product may want to try calling Apple support for technical assistance.

Apple Support Phone Number

  • 800-692-7753 (7 days a week between 7 AM and 10 PM Central Time)


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