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My Work Day PSA Healthcare

  • PSA Healthcare employees can login online with a username and password
  • Recovery help is available for users that have lost or forgotten their passwords

PSA Healthcare employees can now gain access to their accounts online by logging in directly through the My Work Day PSA Healthcare page.  To gain access to the site employees will need to enter their username and password into the provided login fields and then hit the Sign In button.  Employees that have lost or forgotten their passwords will need to click the Forgot Password? box found on the My Work Day PSA Healthcare page. and then enter their username and email address to begin the password recovery.  Users that need to change their passwords for security reasons (or because they have perhaps just grown flat tired of it) will need to click the Change Password box and then enter their username, old password, new password, and verify new password.

A Closure Look at PSA Healthcare

  • PSA Healthcare is a leader in the medical assistance field having the main goal of helping patients live their lives as fully and independently as possible
  • Services provided by the company include in-house care, adult private nursing, working with medically fragile children, and school health services
  • The company utilizes a selective screening process to ensure PSA caregivers meet qualifications for patience, integrity, and competence
  • PSA Healthcare provides individualized treatment plans to best assist each unique patient

Employees that are having problems logging into the My Work Day PSA Healthcare page are encouraged to contact their location and ask to speak to their HR Analysis or Manager. Those wishing to contact PSA Healthcare directly by mail can send a letter over to 6 Concourse Parkway, Suite 1100 Atlanta, GA 30328.  Individuals wishing to contact the company by phone can dial 770-441-1580.  In case of an emergency patients and families can contact PSA Healthcare at



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