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My Workday Citi Trends – Employee Account Login

My Workday Citi Trends Employee Portal


  • You can login in just a few seconds with your username and password
  • Can’t login? There’s online password and recovery help!
  • You can also call the help desk with questions about your account
  • Employees can also view the portals privacy policy
  • View portal downtime at


When it comes to managing employee accounts nobody does it better than My Workday. For instance, the company currently manages employee accounts for a variety of company across the country with care and competence.

One of those companies is Citi Trends. Below you’ll find information on how you can manage your account with My Workday.


Logging in at


  1. First enter your username and into the field at the top of the page
  2. Once you’ve entered your username type your password into the field below
  3. Important note: If you enter either of these incorrectly you’ll be denied access
  4. See below if you would like to change your password


And just like that you’ll have access to your My Workday Citi Trends employee account. That wasn’t to hard was it?

In addition to a quick and easy login, the portal also provides a simple password recovery method. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there!

Here’s how you can change your password and get your account back up and running.



Password Change at


Hammer the Change Password link in order to prompt the account recovery.

Once prompted type in your your username and old password.

Come up with a new password and type it in (write it down first!)

Finally, click the Submit button to complete the change.


Pro Tip: Make your password as secure as possible and always keep it away from prying eyes!


Problems with access. Call the Citi Trends Help Desk at 800-605-8173.


By the way, access issues could be related to the portal being down. To verify if it’s down or not just take a peek at the bottom of the pageĀ at


Citi Trends: Did you know?


The retail clothing store has grown to become a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ!

Citi Trends has thousands of employees located across the majority of the United States.

Opened its first store in Savannah, GA in 1985.


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