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My Teva Rewards

  • New users can register for online account access
  • Online password recovery assistance is provided
  • Teva corporate contact information is available

The promise of being rewarded can often be distracting.  So much so that some may find it difficult signing up for online access to a portal that’s meant to do exactly that (which would fall somewhere between unusual circumstance and pure unbridled irony).  Fortunately those who need to gain access to the My Teva Rewards portal should have no problem doing so no matter how distracted by dreams of the impending treasure trove they become.  The easy online registration process can be initiated upon arrival at the portal by clicking the Sign Up button and entering a 6 digit badge ID, last 4 digits of a Social Security Number, and 4 digit birth year.  Those who decide they aren’t ready to sign up (or perhaps those who suddenly remember that they’ve already done so) can back out of the registration process and return to the My Teva Rewards login screen by clicking the Cancel button.  Once at the login screen access to the portal can be completed by entering a 6 digit badge ID along with an account password before clicking the Login button.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Fun Facts

  • 1 in every 7 generic prescriptions filled in the United States contain Teva medications
  • Operates in 60 countries and provides work for around 50,000 employees worldwide
  • 120 BILLION capsules and tablets (not the electronic kind) were made by Teva in 2017
  • Origins date back to 1901 when a small company called S.L.E was opened in Jerusalem
  • Acquired Anda (a leading United States generics manufacturer) in 2017 (a HUGE deal!)

Those who plan on coming back to be rewarded often (might as well be a real go getter!) may want to consider checking the box located to the right side of the login fields to have the badge ID remembered for expedited access to the My Teva Rewards portal.  In the unfortunate circumstance an account password is forgotten the reset process can be initiated by entering a 6 digit badge ID, last 4 digits of a Social security Number, and 4 digit birth year.  Those with unanswered questions or ongoing concerns regarding the account access process can try reviewing the information found under the Login Instructions link posted beneath the login fields.

Teva Pharmaceuticals United States Headquarters

  • 1090 Horsham Rd, North Wales, PA 19454
  • 888-838-2872


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