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Using the My SHL Online Portal

  • New users can register for an online access
  • A username and password are needed to login
  • Sierra Health & Life contact information is available

When initially signing up for access to an online portal often it’s a requirement to specify the type of account begin registered.  For example, those who are beginning the online registration process for an account with the My SHL Online portal from Sierra Health & Life will first need to confirm if the account is for a member, provider, broker, or an employer (make sure to select the correct one!).  ONLY after the account type has been confirmed will a new user be allowed to commence with the online registration process (no ifs ands or buts about it!).  Once an account has been successfully created access to the portal can be gained by signing in with a username and password.  Those who wish to become a little more familiar with the portal can do so by clicking the Take a Tour link to begin the virtual walk through at (never a bad idea to gather one’s bearing before taking the plunge).

More on Sierra Health & Life Online Access

  • Supported Windows browsers include Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
  • Supported browsers for Mac users include Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (as expected)
  • Accounts will expire after one year of inactivity (make sure to log in every so often)
  • Those who have let an account expire must recreate an online account for access
  • Unneeded accounts can be deactivated by verbal or written request (easy enough)

Those who have forgotten a username and/or password can click one of the links posted beneath the login fields at the My SHL Online portal to begin the account recovery process.  It’s worth noting that the type of account being recovered must be entered before initiating the password and/or username recovery process.  The Need Help? link can be clicked by those who want to learn more about online access with Sierra Health & Life (might as well brush up on some useful information when the opportunity presents itself).  Questions that must be answered immediately can be addressed calling between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday.

Sierra Life & Heath Contact Numbers

  • Toll-Free – 800-888-2264
  • Local – 702-242-7700



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