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Logging Into My Protection 1

  • An email address is needed gain access to an account
  • One-time payment can be made (no login needed)
  • Customer service is available for assistance

It benefits a company to make paying for its products or services as easy as humanly possible.  When it comes to enhancing the customer experience through an easy payment process it appears My Protection Security Solutions is right on track.  Customers who have already registered for an online account can view a bill and make a payment online through the simple process of logging into the My Protection 1 page with an email address or User ID. Those who have yet to sign up for online access can do so by entering the primary phone number of the monitored location along with the Verbal Security Password or Account Number (password is the word or number customers provide to the Monitoring team to cancel a false alarm).  Customers who are having difficult time finding the account number can refer to the sample image that shows exactly where it is located on an invoice.

What can I do with an online account besides pay a bill?

  • Users can review alarm activity and manage verbal and duress passwords
  • The portal provides certificates of insurance and downloadable manuals
  • Customers can manage emergency contacts and order new yard signs
  • My Protection Security Solutions systems can be placed on test mode
  • Customers can manage passwords (might be a good idea to change often)

Those who aren’t interested in logging into or signing up for an account through the My Protection 1 page can opt to make a one-time payment instead.  In order to make the one-time payment an account number, customer name, payment amount, email address, and payment method (debit card, credit card, bank account) must be entered.  Customers with questions about the one-time payment process can try using the Live Chat feature or calling customer service directly.

My Protection Security Solutions Customer Service

  • 877-776-1911


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