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My Pillow Settlement 

  • Class members must submit claim forms by filing deadline
  • Exclusions notices must be sent the Claims Administrator

More evidence to support what most people already know:  a good night’s sleep is not something to mess with.  The makers of the popular My Pillow have recently reached a settlement agreement to end a lawsuit that was filed as a result of allegations that the product was not marketed appropriately.  The settlement class of the Armin Amiri v. My Pillow, Inc. lawsuit includes anyone who purchased one or more products with the My Pillow brand name between April 26th, 2012 and October 13th, 2016.  Individuals who believe they are part of the My Pillow Settlement class can submit a claim by going to the settlement webpage and clicking the File a Claim link.

How about some more information before I rush to my computer to file a claim for the My Pillow Settlement….

  • Eligible class members who complete a claim form by the December 26th, 2016 deadline will receive a payment of $5 (maximum of one claim form per household)
  • Those who purchased more than one product can received an additional $5 by submitting their original purchase receipt (based on how many claims are filed)
  • Class members who file a claim for the My Pillow Settlement will need to wait for settlement approval and any potential appeals prior to receiving payment
  • Those who wish to retain their rights to file their own lawsuit can exclude themselves from the settlement by sending notice no later than December 26th, 2016

Eager class members who want to know if the My Pillow Settlement is going to go through will only need to wait until the settlement hearing date January 30th, 2017.  Those who have questions about the settlement or claim filing process can call 1-877-595-9314 for assistance.

My Pillow Settlement Claims Administrator

  • P.O. Box 1561, West Palm Beach, FL 33402



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