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MyPearsonLab Login & Account Registration

MyPearsonLab Login

  • Available to both students and teachers
  • Login and registration can be completed

The learning process isn’t always a walk in the park.  However, the process is far easier when a student or teacher doesn’t have to spend the whole day trying to access an online course. Those who are enrolled in or teach a class through Pearson Higher Education should find it gaining access through the MyPearsonLab page a breeze.  The process of logging in is as easy as entering a Username, a password, and clicking the Sign In button.  To make the process even easier users can set their browsers to allow pop-ups allowing the login to  be completed without having to open a new page.


MyPearsonLab Registration

New users who need access to the My Pearson Lab page can begin the registration process by confirming if they are an educator or a student.  Students will need an email address, Course ID, and Access Code or credit card to begin.  Educators will need to confirm whether they need to create a course or enroll in a course to start the registration process.


A Few Features of MyPearsonLab

  • Provides homework and practice exercises in that are directly correlated to the exercises in the textbook
  • MyLab supports learning through generation of a personalized Study Plan based on previous test results
  • Students can receive direct and real-time assistance from a tutor through use of an interactive whiteboard
  • Media options allow students to watch lectures and example videos as they read or complete homework

Students should note that tutoring is available in select MyLab products only.  In those that are eligible one tutoring session of up to 30 minutes is provided with the course.  Those who need additional tutoring hours can purchase them for a reasonable rate.  Students who are in need of assistance can click the Support link found under the Students tab at the My Pearson Lab page.



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