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Setting Up My Payment Plan

  • New users can complete the account registration process
  • Login credential recovery assistance is available online
  • Contact number and FAQ list are provided for assistance

For many students one of the hardest parts about going to college is the whole “paying the tuition” part of it.  Luckily help has arrived in the form of a convenient payment plan from Nelnet Campus Commerce.  Students who decide they could use a more practical approach to paying for college (it certainly doesn’t come cheap in this day and age!) can begin by going to the My Payment Plan page and clicking the Account Setup button to create an account username and password.   When registering for an account it will also be necessary to enter the Agreement Number, Access Code, and Institution Identification as shown on the confirmation letter received from Nelnet Campus Commerce.  Those who have lost their confirmation letter can click the Request Agreement Access Information link to have the required information sent via email or regular mail (might be a good idea to search for it in the library, dorm room, and under the tables of all the late night diners first).

But what do I need to know about the actual payment plan?

  • Once the plan has been initiated tuition payments will continue until the balance is paid
  • Most payments are posted to the student account with 2 weeks (depends on the school)
  • Payment will be attempted the next business day if the date falls on a weekend or holiday
  • There will be a $30 returned payment fee for each missed payment attempt (pay on time!)
  • The time of day the payment is issued depends on the financial institution not Neltnet

Those who are having problems remembering what exactly it was they set up as an account password or username can click the Trouble logging in? link to have the information sent via email (it will ONLY be sent to the email addressed listed in the latest agreement).  The answers to many common questions asked about the program can be reviewed by clicking the FAQs link posted at the bottom of the My Payment Plan page.  Students who would rather get over the phone assistance can try calling 800-609-8056 instead of going over the FAQs (save the reading for the text books!).

Nelnet General Inquiries Contact Information

  • PO Box 82561, Lincoln, NE 68501
  • Fax – 877-402-5816


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