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My Pay ESG

  • Login can be completed with a username and password
  • Online login credential recovery assistance is provided
  • Employer Solutions Group contact information is available

It’s always appreciated (it most certainly should beat least) when an online portal provides its users with a convenient way for recovering an account in the event a lost or forgotten username or password.  That having been said, those who require access to the My Pay ESG portal likely enjoy having the ability to help themselves back into an account when such an occasion arises.  The login credential recovery process can be initiated by clicking the Can’t access account? link posted underneath the login fields.  After clicking the link a username must be entered to begin the process of restoring the account password.  Those who also have no clue as to what the My Pay ESG username is will need to enter a first name, last name, and the last 4 digits of a Social Security Number or email address to proceed (when it comes to the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number or email address it appears only one needs to be entered).

A Brief Pause to Review Employer Solutions Group

  • Focuses on helping businesses lower operating costs associated with employees
  • Founded over 10 years ago bythree entrepreneurs (all with different backgrounds)
  • Services  offered include HR, employee benefits, and contract review, and pricing
  • Partners include Avionte, People G2, and Global Cash Card (good to have friends!)

Users who suddenly snap out of it (welcome pack to the present!) and recall the account login information can click the Back button to end the recovery process and return to the My Pay ESG login page where access can be gained by entering a username and password before clicking the Login button (that’s about as easy as it can possibly get!!).  Those with corporate-related questions for Employer Solutions Group can try reaching out to the company’s PO Box in Eden Prairie, MN.

Employer Solutions Group Contact Information

  • PO Box 46270 Eden Prairie, MN 55344
  • 952-835-1288


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