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The My Ford Touch Class Action Settlement is Near

  • The settlement is pending the November 21st, 2019 hearing
  • Both Ford and Lincoln owners and lessees are eligible to file
  • You must file by the established deadline to receive payment

It appears the high profile case known as the My Ford Touch Consumer Litigation is about to get some closure as a hearing will be held on November 21st, 2019 to decide whether to approve an agreed upon settlement.  Therefore, if you’re a Ford or Lincoln owner or lessee you may be eligible for compensation.  In order to file online, you’ll want to have your Claimant ID and PIN ready.  Once you enter these two pieces of data a claim form will appear pre-populated with your relevant information.

How do I know if I’m eligible??

  • You must have purchased or leased a Ford or Lincoln with a My Ford Touch device
  • The purchase must have been made from an authorized Ford or Lincoln Dealer
  • Only purchases in the states of CA, MA, NJ, NC, OH, VA, and WA are included
  • You must have purchased or leased the vehicle BEFORE August 9th, 2013

By the way, you can also file a claim through the mail.  In order to do so you must print off a claim form from the settlement site and mail it directly to the Settlement Administrator (after you fill it out of course).  However, please make sure the correspondence is postmarked no later than the September 24th, 2019 claim filing deadline.

While on the topic of post-marking things, it should be mentioned that requests to be excluded from the settlement must be post-marked by September 20th, 2019.  In addition to the exclusion request deadline, September 20th, 2019 is also the last day to file an objection to the settlement.

Finally, if you have questions or concerns you can try contacting the Settlement Administrator for assistance.  Additionally, there is an extensive list of FAQs included in the notice and at the settlement site that can help answer questions (sometimes it’s just easier to sit back and do a little reading).

My Ford Touch Class Action Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 91241, Seattle, WA 98111-9341
  • 833-402-1732


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