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My Cigna Pension

  • Obtain further details about the class action lawsuit styled Janice C. Amara v. Cigna Corporation and Cigna Pension Plan
  • The case is listed as number 3:01-cv-02361-JBA and is pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut

The My Cigna Pension class action lawsuit revolves around claims that Cigna made misleading statements in regards to the summary plan description.  Anyone who has a Cigna pension plan before 1998 will want to file a claim in this lawsuit settlement.  Plaintiff Janice Amara originally filed the claim in 2001 on her own behalf and on the behalf of an estimated 27,000 pension plan participants.  She claims Cigna purposely failed to disclose significant reductions when it changed from a traditional defined benefit pension plan (the “Part A” Plan) to a cash balance pension formula (the “Part B” Plan) in 1998.  On 12/20/12 the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut pretty much agreed with Ms. Amara and ordered Cigna to come up with a remedy for the disclosure violations.

My Cigna Pension Footnotes

  • The exact amount any one class member will receive varies*
  • Any questions about the lawsuit in writing can be mailed to: Stephen R. Bruce Law Offices 1667 K Street NW, Suite 410 Washington, DC 20006
  • Thomas G. Moukawsher & Stephen R. Bruce will represent all class members who file claims in the My Cigna Pension case
  • Cigna has hired the law offices of ROBINSON & COLE, MORGAN LEWIS & BOCKIUS, and BROWN RUDNICK BERLACK ISRAELS to represent their interest and defend their position

Looking to contact the class members attorney?  Please call Stephen R. Bruce at 1-888-886-6487 or those looking to communicate via email should send their message to:

*This amount will be based on the full value of the retirement benefits they earned before Cigna converted its traditional formula to a cash balance formula, plus all of the cash benefits they earned after the conversion.

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