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My Ambulance Bill

  • Service ID is needed to begin bill payment
  • Financial assistance information available
  • Help available by calling customer service

For some patients the hassle of paying for an ambulance ride is almost as bad as taking it in the first place.  Those who want to see closure on the whole experience can get square on their bill once and for all by going to the My Ambulance Bill portal.  Once at the online payment portal a Service ID will need to be entered to begin the online payment process. Those who aren’t seeing the Service ID on their bill can click the Where is my Service ID? link to pull up a list of sample bills showing exactly where it can be found (Service ID and Call Number are highlighted in yellow on the sample bills).  Once the Service ID has been entered into the My Ambulance Bill portal the Submit button can be clicked to proceed with the online payment.

Anything else I can take care of at the My Ambulance Bill Portal?

  • Electronic Signature – Patients can provide an electronic signature that authorizes Medicare, Medicaid, or other insurance to be billed
  • Provide Information – Information such as Medicare or insurance providers can be provided that will be applied to the billing process
  • Billing Questions – Patients who have a question about a bill (or several for that matter) can enter a Service ID to submit the question(s)

Employees can gain access to the My Ambulance Bill portal by logging in with a username and password (login link posted to the top right side of the page).  Patients who need assistance financially can clicking the Need Financial Assistance? link to be redirected a variety of helpful information.  Patients who need help with the payment process can reach out to the My Ambulance Bill portal customer service line Monday through Thursday from 8 AM to 9 PM CST and Fridays from 8 AM to 5:30 PM CST.

Customer Service

  • 800-786-4911


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