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My ADD Card:  How to Get Started

  • New cards can be activated or purchased online
  • Members can login with username and password
  • Customer service phone number is available

Not being able to repair a vehicle due to the burden of a high deductible isn’t a pleasant experience.  One way car owners can attempt to avoid such a scenario is by signing up for the American Discount Deductible Card.  For only $19.99 each year drivers can take to the roads in confidence knowing that the American Discount Deductible Card will reduce their deductible in the event of an accident.  Those who like the idea of paying less for a deductible can get their hands on the card by going to the My ADD Card page and hitting the Order button to complete the online form.  The online order form must be completed with a name, email address, username, phone number, vehicle year make and model, billing address, and payment information.  Those who have already received their American Discount Deductible Card can complete the activation process at the My ADD Card page by entering the 16 digit card number along with the 4 digit PIN found on the back of the card.

What else should I know before ordering My ADD Card?

  • American Discount Deductible does currently not cover charges for a rental car (card members can get great deals on rental fees however)
  • Cardholders will enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with knowing all covered repairs are guaranteed by American Discount Deductible
  • Claims can be filed at anytime during the card membership period (customers are encouraged to file claims as soon as possible after an accident)
  • No special type of insurance is needed to sign up for the American Discount Deductible Card (insurance information will be required to register)

Those who need access to a previously established account can login to the My ADD Card page by entering a username and password.  Cardholders who have lost their American Discount Deductible Card can call customer service to request a new one (a $10 shipping and handling fee will apply).

Customer Service

  • 888-345-7345



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